Roynon Show

Roynon Show 2018 – ‘Legends’

It’s nearly time!! The Roynon Dance Woolston show, ‘Legends’, will be held on Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd July 2018! This will be a fully costumed spectacular, with lighting, special effects & scenery in the lovely Point Theatre in Eastleigh, & all our students from Tinies all the way up to adults are invited to take part! Those that have been involved in Roynon shows in the past will know what a fantastic weekend show weekend is, & a very memorable experience for all those involved! There is some information below (please keep hold of this), but please keep an eye on the notice boards at the school, & website & Facebook group for further information. More detailed information will be issued nearer the time.
This is a non-profit event, with all proceeds going to Abby’s Heroes, a wonderful charity, set up by Sally Randall, following the loss of her daughter, Abby, a Roynoner from 3yrs old, to bone cancer just weeks before our 2016 show. To date, we have raised over £12,000 for local children’s cancer charities, & I couldn’t be more excited to add to that total for such a personally important charity.
As always, we are looking for volunteers to help out, including a team of DBS matrons, or licensed chaperones to look after children in the dressing rooms & transport them to & from the wings during the performance, any skilled needle workers out there who can help with costume making or any dads that may be able to turn their hands to a bit of scenery construction! Please indicate on the form below if you would be prepared to help with any of this- matrons will not be expected to do all four shows, so you will get the chance to watch your little stars! You will also need to be available for both theatre rehearsals.
There will be matinees & evening shows on both dates. All cast members from Primary & upwards will be expected to participate in all four shows (please note, this will be a fairly late night for some of our younger cast members). Tinies & Pre-Primaries will only appear in the matinee performances. There is always a bit of a crossover with children that are in Pre-Primary ballet, but Primary Tap- Primary Tap will be featured within the evening performances, providing that the majority of dancers have not already left the theatre.
The show times are as follows;
Saturday 21st July Matinee performance 13.00
Evening performance 18.30
Sunday 22nd July Matinee performance 13.00
Evening performance 18.30 including the award & prize giving ceremony, so this performance will have a later finish

Cast members will need to arrive at the theatre 1 hour before curtain up, except for Tinies, Pre-Primary’s & Primary’s, who may arrive 30 minutes before curtain up. All cast members will need to sign in & out of the theatre at their dressing room, & will not be allowed to leave until they have signed out, & been collected by an appropriate adult.

Participation in the show assumes a certain level of commitment; therefore, all cast members will be expected to attend ALL rehearsals, where possible. Rehearsals at the venue are particularly important for younger cast members, who will need to acclimatise to dancing in such a different space, with lights & loud music etc. The rehearsals at the theatre will include a stage tour for Tinies, Pre-Primaries & Primaries to help them feel at home in their surroundings.

The following dates are expected to be rehearsal dates;
Woolston Studios- timing/ quick change rehearsal
16/06/18 Timing Rehearsal

14.30-17.00 Grade 3 +

30/06/18 Quick Change Rehearsal

14.30-17.00 Grade 3 +

The Point Theatre- dress rehearsal

08/07/18 Whole cast

10.00-11.30 Tinies/ Pre-Primary dances
11.30-14.00 Run through- whole cast (except Tinies/ Pre-Primaries)
14.00-15.00 Lunch break
15.00-18.00 Run through- whole cast (except Tinies/ Pre-Primaries/ Primaries/ Grade 1’s)

These dates are confirmed- please make a note of them.

DVD’s will be available to purchase after the show, at a price of between £14.99 & £16.99. There will also be photographers present at the dress rehearsal on 10/07/16, taking pictures during the rehearsal & in individual/ group sessions, which you may purchase afterwards as well. Look out for further details nearer the time. The senior individual/ group session will be held at the studios on 05/07/16.

I hope this gives you a bit of background information, to help you prepare for what will really be a fantastic experience for all involved. More information regarding costumes, hair, make up etc will follow soon. For the time being, please complete the consent form on the link attached to this email, & return by 31/01/18, along with £10 per costume deposit. Please note that completion of the consent from is mandatory, & failure to do so will result in your child being unable to take part in the show. We are legally obliged to have parental consent for every child under 18yrs old appearing in the show, & failure to provide this upon inspection could result in the show being cancelled by local authorities.

*NB. Costume costs are kept to a minimum, but please ensure your deposit is paid by the deadline, so that we can start to purchase costumes/ fabric & patterns, etc. The longer we have to search for costumes/ fabric, the lower the ultimate cost will be. Costumes are yours to keep after the show, unless it is on loan from our costume department.*

The Roynon Team